What's that knocking sound coming from the wardrobe?


Every night, it makes Dora and her toy friends afraid to go to bed and every morning they are grumpy through lack of sleep. Eventually, they summon up the courage to face their fear together and open the wardrobe door... what falls out provides a humorous and reassuring story for all children who imagine monsters in the darkness.


Published in the UK by Old Barn Books


Longlisted for the Klaus Flugge Award for best new illustrators 2019




"A reassuring story for all children who imagine monsters in the darkness. Its fluid, friendly illustrations...and funny story full of understanding are just lovely"  - Playing by the book


"The smudgy nature of Bryony's superbly expressive illustrations makes her characters all the more huggably adorable - even the one responsible for the scary noises." - Red Reading Hub


"I absolutely loved this story. It's childlike appeal creates a gentle narrative accompanied by beautifully drawn, unique illustrations. With utterly endearing characters, the enduring theme of being scared of the dark and imagining monsters in the wardrobe is one we can all relate to...The Wardrobe Monster is a warm-hearted story, great to read aloud and sure to become a firm bedtime favourite." - thebookactivist


"Beguiling and comforting, this is an adorable and pleasurably happy read." - MinervaReads



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